Saying Goodbye

On father's day my parents dog, the dog I grew up with passed away. We found out she had lymphoma about 2-3 weeks earlier and the Vet said she had about 3-6 months. She got so sick so fast, Landon and I made the drive up to LI where my family lives to say good bye. Daisy was the first dog I had, she was almost 14 years old. I've seen other relatives and friends have to make the tough choice to put their dog down when the time came. It's never an easy one. I've been lucky enough to witness some really special last moments between not just my dog but a few family and friends with their dogs. The bond and trust that dogs have with their person or people comes out ten fold when they know its their time. Here's some photos of Miss Daisy from April the last time we were up there visiting. I am very glad I got to say goodbye to her as hard as it was. She was there for many of my milestones growing up and will always be missed. Landon's favorite thing to do is give Daisy treats whenever we visit his grandparents. She spent her last morning with him sitting on the dining room floor with him while he fed her pork chops. He asks about her every day. Before we took her to the Vet, I took a stamp pad and made a paw print for my parents and for Landon to keep in his room.

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