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Jessica is a visual artist

working with the mediums of digital photography, film, alternative photographic processes, video, paint and performance. She has a BFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. Much of her work is biographical in context and strives to give a voice to the modern feminist movement. She uses the self-portrait to explore her identity as a millennial, mother, woman, and artist. Jessica's other subjects often include the women in her life that inspire her creativity. Collaboration with these subjects is typically part of the creative process.  

 "Much of my practice is inspired by my love for man made structures that have been left behind by humanity. Nature reclaiming what is hers and the obscurity of times past is something that has always fascinated me and helped rig my imagination to create. My narratives are inspired by memory, identity, and the spaces I create in. I appreciate texture and find the intricate details of substances typically seen as hazard or filth impossibly beautiful and enthralling. With paint I strive to create the same sort of 'nature made' essence. "